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Most alert services only watch price. We watch price, volume, marketcap and more.

How CoinSpy works

CoinSpy is a powerful and free cryptocurrency monitoring platform that can alert you about changes in price, volume and more. Get alerts on your own time via email, SMS and push notifications. Get started with the most powerful alert system now.

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What is CoinSpy?

A free cryptocurrency monitoring platform with the most powerful alert system.

Does it monitor Bitcoin?


How many other cryptocurrencies does it monitor?

More than 3000. You can monitor all major, popular cryptocurrencies.

Does it monitor exchanges?

We support cryptocurrencies & exchanges, including weighted sums and aggregate markets.

Can I get a free CoinSpy account?

Yes, the basic platform is absolutely free.

Can I receive exchange alerts directly on my phone?

Yes, you can set up your account to do so. You can choose to receive alerts via email, SMS or push notifications.

Can I start with a free account and then scale to a business account?

Yes, you can start using our basic platform, see if you like it and eventually jump to our advanced platform with additional features at your disposal.

“CoinSpy is an advanced, professional platform that integrates cryptocurrency trading data from hundreds of exchanges and thousands of currencies. We applaud our business decision to explore CoinSpy as our cryptocurrency monitoring system.”

Jenny Tomson, Brand Manager at Coin Ventures



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